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Thanks to Cliff for working with me on my new piano.  He was very patient answering all of my questions, and very accommodating as it took quite a while for me to make my decision.  And I learned a lot.  I ended up getting a brand new K-300 Kawai and am very happy with it.  And I was able to trade in one I bought from him approximately 2 years ago with no problems at all.  Free delivery and return to the store the one I had, a free tuning, and well under the suggested MSRP, can't beat that.  Thanks again Cliff!

John Fialkovich

"Kathy and I would like to thank you for the privilege of acquiring our Steinway piano from Ebony and Ivory Pianos.  From the time we first entered you showroom we felt we were treated in a very special way.  We felt welcome and comfortable with this major acquisition to our home.  

You and your staff were careful to point out the advantages and disadvantages of each instrument we considered and made sure we were comfortable with our choice. You were also extremely accommodating in arranging delivery to our home.

The piano has been a joy to own.  Everyone who has seen it has been has been appreciative of its appearance and tone.  Our piano instructor told us it is an exceptional instrument and we are rightfully proud of it.

Once again, thank you to you and the entire staff of Ebony and Ivory Pianos for helping us obtain this marvelous instrument."

Appreciatively, Mike and Kathy Grygiel

"You definitely helped a big dream come true for me.  I didn't think it would happen!  A "baby" grand, brown, and a price we could handle - wow!  And I love how it looks in our home plus I love the piano - can't thank you enough!!  Glad to hear your business is doing well - that is super! You have excellent customer service."

Susan & Randy Dohrmann


"When I heard about the piano sale at Ebony and Ivory last weekend, I went "window shopping", just to get a feel for the sound and touch of some different pianos for future reference, and to begin my research for a purchase of a good, affordable piano for my piano students and myself to enjoy.  I was really confused at first, as I liked nearly all the pianos I tried.  In the end, I was drawn to a lovely "previously enjoyed" Kawai console.  Randy Hansen, a piano tuner, confirmed that it looked just as great on the inside as it looks on the outside.  A couple of other piano teachers that happened to be in the store Friday and Saturday gave me their encouragement towards it.  Cliff was so sincerely wanting me to have a piano that would meet my needs, and was not pushy.  He was so very nice to work with.  I felt very comfortable with him.  And Wayne did a great job of finishing up the deal when I came back the next day.  Three days later the movers were sent and I have my piano!  I'm thinking of calling it "Little-Bit-of-Heaven".  Need I say more?  It is so nice for my students and I to be able to play on a piano that feels and sounds (and looks) so great!  I think I will be practicing more as it calls out to me!" 

Laura Mackey, Piano Instructor



 "Thank you so much for letting us borrow your CASIO PX-130 Priva for our Musical Event.  It was conderful to allow our students who play piano to be part of the program." 

Jennie K. Fulton, Program Supervisor, Children's Gardens Montessori School.



"Thank You for assisting us. Maene loves her new piano.  We had a lot of fun singing Christmas carols and hymns, and expect years of joy to come with our new acquisition. 

Sincerely Lara 



"Thank You Cliff and Wayne. In deed I have waited for this Joy of musical perfection. I've looked for 6 years for the perfect baby. On line, in the papers, far and wide. Then one day, there it was in my own back yard so to speak. Ebony and Ivory of Richland, wa. not 3 minutes from my home. I love this instrument. Thank you Thank You..........." 

Candie, the proud owner of a Knabe Baby Grand (4' 8").



"I have always wanted to play the piano and I finally decided that it was time to make this dream a reality.  I was at the post office one day and saw Ebony & Ivory Pianos LLC across the street.  I have lived in the Tri-Cities all my life and never had noticed that store.  I walked in and met Cliff Ashley.  He was great.  I told him I was just getting started in my research, I had never played an instrument and I couldn't read music.  

He showed me the different pianos and played them for me.  I left that day knowing that I really needed to learn more before I could make such an important decision.  I spent about 4 months reading, researching, visiting other stores and going back many times to see Cliff's pianos.  One day I went in and Wayne Land was working.  He was also very helpful, knowledgeable, and played very well.  He and Cliff know a lot about Hailun Pianos.  I was impressed with the quality and care the Hailun company uses in the manufacturing and sales process.

I bought my Hailun HG 178 (5'10") piano on May 18 (Mt. St. Helen's Day) and I started lessons one week later with Wayne.  I am so excited and I love my piano.  I'm so glad I got my piano from Cliff at Ebony and Ivory Pianos.  He has ensured that all my questions are answered and has made this step in my life a joyful one.

Sincerely,  Merrie Schilperoort"



"My husband offered to buy a piano for me if I “stuck” with lessons for 6 months.  At 5 months, he caved and we purchased a beautiful Hailun baby grand from Ebony and Ivory Pianos LLC.  I’m a true beginner at the piano, never having taken any sort of music lessons.  Playing the piano has been on my bucket list for a long time and now I’m actually doing it.  Having the Hailun piano has been even more motivational for me.  I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I want to offer a special thanks to Wayne Land for being my patient teacher and a great salesperson."  




"Our family recently purchased a baby grand piano from Ebony and Ivory Pianos. It was a wonderful experience. Mr. Cliff Ashley was very helpful in finding the perfect piano for our needs and wants. The piano he found for us is beautiful. He had it tuned and the action fixed so it sounds amazing. Not only that, but he is also willing to work with our schedule. We don't have the space for the piano until August and he is kind enough to hold the piano until then and deliver and tune it when we need it.Our daughters had a fun time playing the different pianos while my husband and I did business. It was very crazy with four girls, on four different pianos, playing four different songs;however, Mr. Ashley wasn't bothered by it. Thank you for your patience! Again, it was a great experience. Thank you, Cliff!" 

Karen Browning



"Our family moved to the Tri-Cities area three months ago.  It took us a little while to find a piano teacher, but finally, we did, and started taking lessons from Emily Hansen at Ebony and Ivory pianos. On a Tuesday before lessons, I was given the opportunity to try playing the Hailun piano. The piano looked beautiful especially compared to our 35 year old piano that we have in our house. When I played on it, I was even more impressed. The keys were very smooth and responsive to touch, and the tone in the Bass and Treble sounded very crisp and sharp. After doing all that, I filled out a paper about how I like the piano, and entered the drawing, but I really didn't think I would be so fortunate. A week or two later, my mother told me,” I have shocking news for you.”  I hoped for it not to be disappointing or bad news, but when she said, “You won the Hailun piano,” I immediately jumped for joy!  After I heard the news, we drove to the piano store, and I took pictures with it.  It made me very happy.  My parents prayed and discussed about what would be the best use of our new and old pianos.  When we told the Pastor at our Tri-Cities Chinese Alliance Church about this on Sunday, the Pastor said that he had been praying for some time for a piano in the fellowship hall where we have prayer and bible study meetings, and would be nice to have music to sing some hymns during those times.  So that is where our old piano can be used for good purpose.  God gave us the winning piano as a wonderful Christmas gift, and also answered our pastor’s prayer! Thank you Mr. Cliff Ashley, and Mrs. Cathy Ashley and Hailun USA!  Have a Merry Christmas and New Year to all!"  

Anabel Lin, Winner of a Hailun HU1-P Upright Piano



 Thanks a bunch! We live our piano! It is a wonderful addition to our home.
--Walker Miller

"Love it Love It, and Love it!  That aptly sums up my testimonial on the Hailun Baby Grand Piano (Model HG-151) I purchased from Ebony & Ivory Pianos about a month ago.  This beautiful piano sits in our great room and matches the rest of the decor quite well, an added bonus.  I thank you again for your outstanding customer service!  You did all the work in getting this piano moved to my house as well as making sure that it was tuned.  It was a pleasure meeting you and I will recommend your services to my friends.  After playing this piano for a month, I can tell you how utterly pleased I am that I bought this from you.  The sound of this piano is just awesome and it plays beautifully!  Thank you for encouraging me to get this Hailun Piano."  Elizabeth John 



"My students and I were thrilled to play on your beautiful HAILUN Pianos.  The sound and feel are both great.  These pianos practically play themselves!"

Laura Mackey, Tri-Cities, Washington Piano Teacher  (Music Teachers' Association, Tri-City Chapter)



"If I could have only three pieces of furnature... it would be a table, bench, and a piano."  Also, "it has been my observation that my longevity and lack of arthritis in my hands are attriputed to playing the piano."  

Candida Labrecque, Richland, Washington Former Piano Teacher 



"We purchased our Hailun piano as an education "tool" in hopes it would entice continued musical growth in myself as well as my students.  The richness and warmth I feel and hear as the keys are depressed thrills my fingers and soul; it spurs me on to play ...more.  My students are equally growing musically through the Hailun "tool" we purchased.  Not only do they get excited to play the Hailun grand, but are amazed at how time has flown when it is another students turn to play.  My students and I have excelled and enjoy the alive quality of our Hailun piano.  My home is full of sweet and exciting music.  Not only have I purchased a "tool," but something that goes way beyond words; and the rewards are utterly priceless."  

Emily M. Hansen, Tri-Cities, Washington Piano Teacher  (Music Teachers' Association, Tri-City Chapter)



"Using skilled design and quality control Hailun pianos produce exceptional tone and performance that will surely benefit the student, teacher, and performer alike. These instruments are impressive."  

Randy L. Hansen, Registered Piano Technician"



After we purchased our Hailun grand piano, I noticed the saying "Aspire to Higher Performance" on the soundboard. I feel this statement completely sums up my expectations and the growth I witness in myself and my students everyday with this fine instrument."  

Emily M. Hansen, Tri-Cities, Washington Piano Teacher  (Music Teachers' Association, Tri-City Chapter)

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