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Our Honored Customers

Our satisfied customers are our greatest asset.  Our most important job is making certain that your piano purchase and our service meets your every expectation and beyond.  Here are a few members of our growing family of piano owners.

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Trenten & Cassandra with their family of 3 kids (one piano player in the making), who are now proud owners of a 5' 3" YAMAHA Baby Grand (GH-1)!!! Our Ebony & Ivory PIanos LLC staff (including the owner/manager) were told that we provided the most friendly professional service, care, and accommodation to ensure that they procured the piano of their dreams!!

I followed up with Kim and his wife to ensure that their new HAILUN Baby Grand Piano (HG-151 Ebony Polish) was moved and placed into the living room satisfactory! It was rewarding to see how happy they both were with the Ebony & Ivory Pianos purchase of this piano, and quality assurance follow up check!! :) Take a good look at this verify how happy Kim is with this awesome piano!!!

Kathy and Dom had been looking for a baby grand piano for their new home, and settled on this elegant and very well built Mason & Hamlin Model B (5' 4") Ebony Satin piano!! Congratulations on your excellent choice of piano which I am sure will be used for generations to come! :)

Morgan and her sons came in to Ebony & Ivory Pianos LLC this afternoon and finalized their purchase of a KAWAI Grand Piano (KG2, 5' 10")!! As you can see they are very happy to obtain this beautiful piano which plays and sounds great!

The Kovacs family are now the proud owners of a previously enjoyed YAMAHA GH1 Baby Grand Piano (5' 3").

Congratulations to Luke Liebert and a very happy birthday.  Luke loves his brand new Hailun 125 upright birthday surprise and wants to practice every chance he gets.

Merrie is now a proud owner of a new Hailun HG-178 Grand Piano!!

Congratulations to Pendra and her family for the purchase of this awesome Hailun HUI upright piano (48" tall) from Ebony & Ivory Pianos LLC! From the big smile on Pendra's face, I do believe that we have another satisfied customer!!

Piano teacher Laura is really enjoying her Kawai console purchased recently.  She feels it is a great improvement for her and her students to have a nice piano for their lessons.

Melanie, Jamie, and their very talented children are now proud owners of a new Hailun Upright Piano (HU125.S) purchased at Ebony & Ivory Pianos store in Richland (Tricities) Washington!!!

Carol is now a proud owner of a new Hailun HG-151 Baby Grand Piano!

Elizabeth & Vish, proud owners of their new Hailun 151 Baby Grand Piano 

Our Ebony & Ivory Pianos store put some smiles on the faces of the Bethal Baptist Church congregation yesterday with the delivery of his beautiful Steinway Model S baby grand piano!! Milton-Freewater folks will have to brace themself for some awesome piano music this Sunday, as Jennie (pictured here) will be playing!!

Paul & Melanie are now proud owners of a Steinway & Sons baby grand piano!! Melanie came in on a flight from Long Beach, California to witness the purchase of this piano!

Randy & Susan are now proud owners of a Kawai Baby Grand!!

Jessie with her awesome white Wurlitzer baby grand piano that she had bought from Ebony & Ivory Pianos!!! This piano sure looks great in their home.....dosen't??!!

Tom, Walker, and Maddie with their 1922 Mehlin & Sons Grand Piano! Walker will be taking lessons soon, and Maddie when she turns 4 years old!

Nicole & Jamie are now proud owners of a Steinway & Sons 6' 2" Grand Piano (Model A)!

Briana and Andy are now proud owners of a brand new Hailun 48" upright piano (model HL121-TD)!!!

Joel and his wife from Moses Lake are now proud owners of a brand new Hailun Grand Piano HG-178 (5' 10")!!

Paul & Terri became proud owners of a console  YAMAHA piano Model M404. This piano will be used for each of thier three girls, the oldest of which has already begun piano lessons.

It sure warmed my heart to see Genieve play the Grand Piano that their grandparents (Matt & Lona) recently purchased from our Ebony & Ivory Pianos store!! It make my piano business all the more rewarding!!! 

Jen and her daughter Monica are now proud owners of a Baldwin Acrosonic Spinet!

John wanted a pre-owned baby grand piano, with light wood, and of high quality.  In January 2013 Ebony & Ivory Pianos provided John with the piano of his dreams with the sale of this beautiful 1948 Baldwin Model R!

Karen, Doug, and Girls are now proud owners of a Wurlitzer Baby Grand Piano!!!

Jennifer and her family are now proud owners of a brand new KAWAI Baby Grand Piano (GL-20, 5'2") that they purchased at Ebony & Ivory Pianos LLC!! They have great this KAWAI GL Series was voted "PRODUCT OF THE YEAR" by 2016 MMR Magazine Dealers' Choice Awards!!!

Candie with her brand new Knabe Baby Grand Piano!!

Ebony & Ivory Pianos LLC extends a big CONGRATULATONS to Spencer and his family, as they are now the proud owners of a brand new Hailun HU-5P upright piano!!

Ron is now the proud owner of a Baldwin Model L Grand Piano (6' 3")

Brian is now the proud owner of a Hailun HG-178  (5' 10") which fit nicely in his new home!  

Received a nice 'Thank You' note from the Mom (Lara) stating... "Dear Cliff, Thank you for assisting us. Maene loves her new piano. We had a lot of fun singing Christmas Carols and hymns , and expect years of joy to come with our new acquisition. Sincerely, Lara"

Naomi, a piano instructor from Yakima, found the piano of her dreams...a Baldwin 44" Studio/Upright. One of her students Brighten (right side of Naomi) and her Mom Laura helped pick this piano out for her instruction studio, and look on approvingly!!

Congratulations to Michael and Kathleen Grygiel who found the piano of their dreams at Ebony & Ivory.  A fully rebuilt Steinway 5' 7"  Model "M" Baby Grand. 

Kevan & Erin are now a proud owner of a 1951 Baldwin Acrosonic 36" Upright Spinet Piano!!  A very wise choice of piano, as it plays and sounds great!  Typical of this classic piano...  Welcome home Erin, and Happy Fathers day to you Kevan!  

Meline is now a proud owner of a NEW KAWAI K300 48"  upright piano!!  A very wise choice of piano, as it plays and sounds "AWESOME!!"   As we at Ebony & Ivory Pianos always say...."Our Pianos look much better in our customers home!!"  


A big CONGRATULATIONS goes out to John for his purchase of new KAWAI (K-300) 48" upright piano at Ebony & Ivory Pianos!! Please check out his testimonial (below) of this procurement process!! 

"Thanks to Cliff for working with me on my new piano. He was very patient answering all of my questions, and very accommodating as it took quite a while for me to make my decision. And I learned a lot. I ended up getting a brand new K-300 Kawai and am very happy with it. And I was able to trade in one I bought from him approximately 2 years ago with no problems at all. Free delivery and return to the store the one I had, a free tuning, and well under the suggested MSRP, can't beat that. Thanks again Cliff!"

John Fialkovich

It would appear that we have yet another very satisfied and happy customer! 

David who lives in Eugene, Oregon drove all the way to our Ebony & Ivory Piano store to purchase this awesome Steinway & Sons Model M (5' 7") Grand Piano for his wife. He said that once before he bought a sewing machine for his wife and was in good graces with her for a good 6 I told him that with this piano as a gift to to his wife...that he should be good to go for about 20 years!!!

Congratulations to Mrs. Barbara Root and family for the addition of a gorgeous new Hailun HG151 Baby Grand Piano to their home. Just in time for the Holidays!

Samantha and her kids recently became proud owners of a Kawai 55" tall upright piano (Model US-7X), purchased from Ebony & Ivory Pianos L.L.C..

A brand new Hailun HG151 finds a happy home just in time for the holidays.

Jessica is now a proud owner of a Baldwin 248 Professional Upright (49"), that she just bought at our Ebony & Ivory Pianos store! I am sure that Jessica & her daughter will enjoy this piano for many years to come!!

Jason & Carri  are now a proud owners of a restrung classic 1947 Baldwin Model R Grand Piano!  This piano played and sounded great with a very powerful base!!   We knew that this piano was destined to be owned by a  very special family! 

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