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Our Support Contractors

Ebony and Ivory Pianos maintains a highly professional and experienced team of associates to serve you.  Please feel free to contact any one of us directly.  We stand ready and eager to assist you in any way possible.

Cliff & Cathy Ashley, Ebony & Ivory Pianos LLC

Owners/General Manager, Sales

HAILUN Dealer and Mason & Hamlin Dealer

​In December 2010, Cliff and his wife Cathy decided that they would open a piano store in the retail space of their CSA Building, as the city of Richland did not have at that time any store that sold acoustic pianos.  The idea of selling pianos was also part of Cliff's retirement plans, as he believed that selling pianos, bringing music into peoples lives and generations to come was the most rewarding new career path he could think of!  On February 28, 2011 Cliff retired after serving 27 years as an electrical engineer with the United States Federal Government. Cliff soon learned that to sell pianos he had to demonstrate how well they played, so on March 3, 2011 he took his first piano lesson in his entire life.  The relaxed feeling that Cliff had when he played the piano confirmed to him that owning and operating the Ebony & Ivory Pianos store was in God's plan for him. Since then this store has sold many acoustic and digital pianos to very happy and satisfied customers.

With great pride & honor...let me introduce you to our Registered PianoTechnicians of the Piano Technicians Guild...Randy Hansen & Paul Clayton!!  We at Ebony & Ivory Pianos only allow these Registered Piano Technicians with decades of experience to tune our pianos. Both Randy & Paul had taken a formal written test and field tuning test to become registered with the Piano Guild (see logo).

We are so confident of their work, that after Randy or Paul have inspected, maintained, and turned each of the used pianos displayed on our show room floor....our piano store provides a 1 YEAR STORE WARRANTY on each of them.

So if you are in the market for any piano, be sure that the pianos of interest have been maintained and tuned by a Registered Piano Technician of the Piano Technicians Guild vs. not maintained or tuned by anyone (or by someone who thinks they know how to do this work). Otherwise you may end up with a piano that falls short of your expectations, such as being untunable qualifying only as furniture vs. a piano.

Paul E. Clayton (Registered Piano Technician Member)

Provides Tuning, Regulation, & Repair Service as Owner of his own business.

Paul Clayton started tuning and repairing pianos in 1979, after taking correspondence classes and private tutoring.  After joining the Piano Technicians Guild he completed more advanced classes studying and testing to become certified, eventually becoming a Registered Piano Technician ( RPT ).   Paul feels it has been very rewarding to restore and create beautiful sound and feel to pianos, thus bringing satisfaction to musicians, audiences and homeowners all around the Tri-Cities area.

Hansen Piano, Randy Hansen (Registered Piano Technician Member)

Provides Tuning, Regulation, & Repair Service as Owner of his own business.


Randy graduated from the Potter School of Piano Technology and is also a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technicians Guild.  Mentoring with other technicians has always been a sure way of increasing knowledge and skill.  Randy is also a Certified PianoDisc Technician working with computer-controlled player piano systems. Randy services a large area around Eastern Washington and Oregon. His services include craftsman tuning, regulation, repairs, appraisals, and other general needs of the instrument. 

Kastl Express.jpg

Kastl Express LLC,  Max Kastl (owner)  509-547-2989

Piano Specialist, Residential Mover, Billiards Specialist, Custom Packing, Crating 

Service, and Storage (Heated) 

Max has been the designated piano mover for Ebony & Ivory Pianos since 2016, and have safely moved our pianos to date!   Max & his Kastl Express crew are very responsive to requests  for any type of move in the Pacific North West, and sometimes beyond.   They all stand ready to ensure each move is fully successful and the customer is 100% satisfied with the quality of service!!   

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