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Affordable Hand Made Pianos

Today the name 'HAILUN' has become well known for affordable world class performance. The Hailun piano offers many of the design and manufacturing features of the world's legendary hand made instruments at a price less than most mass assembly line products.


About the Piano

The Hailun Piano Company draws on expertise and competence centers across the globe to offer pianos that are superbly musical and of profound quality. As a privately owned piano company in China, Hailun chooses to hand pick its employees.


The Hailun team consists of engineers and piano craftsmen from over a dozen different nations. Each one is recognized as an authority in their chosen specialty of piano engineering.  A key quality of the Hailun Piano Company is its ability to facilitate and transform theoretical concepts and designs into well-built pianos.  Our customers will find that Hailun pianos compare favorably to instruments several times their price. 


Click here to visit Hailun and learn more about these awesome pianos.

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